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Our cameras
Our cameras have
software in the camera.
You never have a PC
to leave.
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For support, please to us.
Setting the camera.
Or even how you can do.
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Hosting at very low prices.
Package from 500 MB.
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Why a camera.

Attention to safety is becoming increasingly important.
For the company but also for their own home and surroundings
we need more and more things yourself.
The police ripped off after only a verified
alarm, and having evidence and information
Research is essential.
With improved quality digital camera
Security has been proven in recent years.
With the right equipment for every budget has
Securety camera is a complete solution for video security.
Whether it's securing a dwelling,
business machines and business complex or even,
Securety camera has a suitable solution and experience.
Uncompromising security. No one knows in advance
who, what, where and when something happens.
A well thought out solution and allows drawing
sure you do the most important moment
good capture, and the information and evidence
in order to identify offenders and
damage to recover. Securety camera has the experience
to not only products but
a working solution to help.
Let us advise you on any project!
Some of the many references:
-Almost all hotels
Airports Many hotels in Amsterdam-Centre
-Business premises (intelligent people detection to the property)
Private residences, from small to large
Inner-Cities (inter alia Hague, Alkmaar)
-Many schools, shops, logistics companies
These are examples to properly secure your house.

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Why a camera
Nowadays it is not against business
that we protect our stuff.
Therefore we search for a
cheap and good solution for you
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Learn all about our system.
We offer our knowledge to
to help you.
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