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Our cameras have
software in the camera.
You never have a PC
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Terms & Conditions.

Hiacamera and HiaOnline Conditions
domain / virtual hosting.
Securety cameras.

1. HiaCamera and HiaOnline reserves the
right tariffs interim
change, you get these 60 days
of advance notice.

2. For special operations after the expiry
of the contract, which is defined in
Section 13, the normal rates. If a product
not exactly the same as returning
, a similar product as a starting point

3. HiaCamera and HiaOnline
email for communication.
It is the responsibility of Client to
at any time an active email address to
hold the camera and Securety HiaOnline
account, and emails sent to this address
regularly, but within
maximum of seven days, reading.

4. In the case of default, misconduct
or contract has HiaCamera and HiaOnline
the right services to
shifting without compensation.
In case of payment arrears
HiaCamera and HiaOnline
a debt collection agency in which the costs
entirely on client will be recovered.

5. The products and services
HiaCamera and HiaOnline and may only
be used for legal purposes.
HiaCamera and HiaOnline and takes no
responsibility for the information
placed on the service. Client will
services not in connection
the sending of unsolicited commercial
E-mail (spam). Client will not be material to virtual
upload servers which he is not right
property. The content and scope of the material
virtual servers must in no way pornographic,
discriminatory or unlawful in such
assessing HiaCamera and HiaOnline

6. Client declares HiaCamera and HiaOnline
not accountable for any claims
arising from activities of client
and undertakes HiaCamera and HiaOnline
immediately notify the client if any claims
receive arising from activities of client
on the Internet. This responsibility lapses
not after the termination of this Agreement.

7. HiaCamera and HiaOnline keeps
Client responsible for all damages
due to abuse of
domain registration services, including but not
only acting in contravention of applicable
regulations of the registry, requesting
domain transfers without consent, or
fill out false or fictitious information.

8. HiaCamera and HiaOnline takes into
target systems as best available
technical or other failures and keep as much
possible. Client declares
HiaCamera and HiaOnline never responsible
set for any loss of service
and / or loss of data or loss of income
through technical or other failures.

9. Client, the infrastructure
HiaCamera and HiaOnline not use
sending unsolicited commercial email (spam)
or services HiaCamera and HiaOnline to
in connection with spam.
When HiaCamera and HiaOnline a valid
receive complaints about spam originating from client, then
will HiaCamera HiaOnline without any
disable the message service and
Client files to delete.

10. The use of scripts and other software
the servers HiaCamera and HiaOnline is
permitted, as long as the operation of the
service is not at risk. HiaCamera and HiaOnline
Client will notify any action.

11. Additional costs resulting from overuse
of service are calculated on the
next bill.

12. Rates for the di
Enst and products
will be paid by direct debit,
unless otherwise agreed.

13. Client, this agreement
HiaCamera and HiaOnline running for at least
12 months with a written notice
at least one calendar month. Without writing
notice to this agreement automatically renewed.

14. To install the service
transferred upon receipt of a signed
Agreement and its annexes.

15. All the quotes mentioned are excluding VAT.

16. Adjustments to the automatically generated
materials in any manner whatsoever without
written confirmation by the management of
HiaCamera and HiaOnline considered invalid.

17. All consequences and damages resulting from
negligence, or improper use
benefit of Client.

18. HiaCamera and HiaOnline reserves the
right to administrative fines and costs to
explain to the user as a result of action
in violation of the terms:
such as not collectable by
a claim, making false failure reports,
passing on wrong port information, et cetera.

19. All products are 1 year warranty.
When installing the specified warranty
the settings of the cameras.

20. These conditions can be the letter
of Dutch law to be interpreted.
Should one or more items from this agreement
not valid for the law, then the other
points unaffected.

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