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Privacy Policies

Updated on 01/09/2011

Internet makes a lot of possibilities.
Through the internet you can get in touch with the people
world, everywhere and order products and services
information received is made to your wishes.
Also HiaCamera and HiaOnline offers different services.
For those services we sometimes information from you as
customer needs. The following rules we have for
ourselves up to give you a guarantee that we tebieden
will handle information with care.
You may at all times with these rules.

If HiaCamera and HiaOnline personal
data you record, you will be informed:
You always have the ability to ensure
that your data is not recorded:
that can mean you do not
can benefit from our services.

HiaCamera and HiaOnline does her best
correct information from you to register and set
as far as technically possible, even
able to modify your data.

If information is incorrect you down,
HiaCamera and HiaOnline will remove it.
You can request in writing and address

HiaCamera and HiaOnline can you specify
data with information obtained on the basis
Your use of the services on the basis of this
the content of our services to your liking.

The recorded data without your permission
understood by others and will not without your
consent be transferred to third parties,
except in the case:

It is necessary for the proper functioning of
the services provided by partners
HiaCamera and HiaOnline offered.
If you use the services of
partners are HiaCamera and HiaOnline
at that time the rules of that partner
in terms of privacy.

HiaCamera and HiaOnline is legally
required or if this is necessary
the rights of service users or HiaCamera and HiaOnline rights protected.

HiaCamera and HiaOnline may use cookies
you as a user to more easily identify and
navigation through our services easier.
If you do not appreciate you can
receiving block cookies in your browser.

The information you provide may be used to
services partners HiaCamera and HiaOnline to your liking.

The information you provide may be used to
commercial messages specifically to target.
If you do not wish to receive commercial messages
HiaCamera and HiaOnline,
will HiaCamera and HiaOnline at your request
[In writing or by email] their transmission
End. When it comes to commercial messages
HiaCamera and HiaOnline you can
request to the HiaCamera.

Advertisers at HiaCamera and HiaOnline
or partners of HiaCamera and HiaOnline
may use cookies to improve the quality of their advertising
campaigns. By using cookies, it is
possible for them, to keep the sites, which
they advertise, you have visited.
HiaCamera and HiaOnline has stipulated that
this information with your personal data
be linked.

HiaCamera and HiaOnline reserves the
right to modify this privacy statement.
Any updates will be published on this page.

More information about cookies: Cookies are small
Text files used for an Internet user
to recognize and thereby personalized information
or to deliver advertisements. Cookies are not programs
on a user's system files and run
damage. Cookies
HiaCamera and HiaOnline and partners
HiaCamera and HiaOnline use it,
eg make it possible to see which sites you have visited.
HiaCamera and HiaOnline knows only its own
which of these sites you've visited.
Advertisers can only be the sites where they
see which advertising you have visited them.
This information is used to include
performance of an ad to go.
An example is the number of times
same expression to the same user is shown.
With a cookie prevents a user
play the same advertising message sees.

In addition, by using cookies, are measured
unique visits a particular site has
For example, many new and unique visitors since
the next month come. This is valuable
information campaigns in order to plan properly.
Do not want cookies, you will always have
the possibility of cookie functionality
Your browser off. More information
You can ask the manufacturer of your browser.
In many cases, the Netscape or Microsoft.
For more information about cookies and Netscape
For more information about cookies from Microsoft.

Via please contact
Hiacamera and HiaOnline about this Privacy Statement.
Written communications should be directed to:

Hiacamera and HiaOnline
Kerkstraat 52
2153 BK New Vennep

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