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Our cameras
Our cameras have
software in the camera.
You never have a PC
to leave.
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For support, please to us.
Setting the camera.
Or even how you can do.
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Hosting at very low prices.
Package from 500 MB.
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Company Profile

"HiaCamera" HiaOnline, PCHoek 'start in 1993 (when computer center).
They build and upgrade computers for end users.
The company grew and was renamed "IFD" (Computer Science and Film Digitization).
"IFD" was engaged in writing software, building
Web sites and digitizing and archiving of films on DVD.
In 2005, "Trade PC Components' opened, our name for PC components.

HiaCamera, HiaOnline, PCHoek offers the following services:
- Setting Learning Software.
- Network management.
- DBase make customized for the client.
- Securety camera installation and supply.
- Website development.
- Web hosting.
- Service creation and network cameras.

Company offers.


- Web Hosting 'HiaOnline.
- Websites
- Customized PC.
- Surveillance cameras, build, and switch to PC (or home base).
- Customized software and websites in several languages??.
- Computer systems and laptops.
- At home repairs and upgrade advice.

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Why a camera
Nowadays it is not against business
that we protect our stuff.
Therefore we search for a
cheap and good solution for you
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Learn all about our system.
We offer our knowledge to
to help you.
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