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What is an IP camera?

IP cameras are cameras that use the Internet Protocol (IP).
The images are transmitted over a standard computer network via network
cabling (UTP) or through the air using a wireless connection
(WIFI). Other names commonly used for an IP camera:
network camera, web camera or IP camera, IP cam abbreviated.

What's so special about an IP camera?
An IP camera is very far, because this
technique is possible to use images with a significantly higher
image quality to send. At the spot where the camera images
look you can watch the live enjoying a much sharper
picture and also when playing back the recorded images
Digital zoom in on important details.

What are the uses of an IP camera?
IP cameras are already widely used in industry and
to the government for professional video surveillance of all objects
and locations. With the price of IP cameras for consumers
accessible, IP cameras in the environment for private
many applications are deployed, such as alternative
for expensive and you have an old alarmsystemen.Wellicht store
or business and want you to keep an eye on things and can also
can look at a moment when you think something suspicious
have seen, this is all possible using an IP camera.

How can I change the images of an IP camera?
Images shot with an IP camera can in principle from all over
world through an Internet connection if they are viewed
this application are configured. You can also choose to
only the images within your local network to view and not
open to the Internet. Depending on whether the images you
To view private or release to give to anyone who
interest you can have users with restrictions
permit or not. It is also possible to use images created
with an IP camera from anywhere on a mobile phone
(I-Phone, Android or Nokia) using a dedicated
suitable application to view it. This can be especially helpful
when you're on travel or on vacation.

Can I view pictures in the night?
Yes you can. An IP camera will be after dark images
care using infrared illumination. The difference with images
day that the black and white images are sent and not color.

Can I use an IP camera and alarm system?
In principle this is very possible. IP cameras have
about the possibility of motion detection. This means that
when motion is detected by the camera, this is
through notified by sending an email or SMS message to
a pre-selected recipient, this message
then called snapshots (small pictures) of the object sent
what caused the movement. Alternatively, a particular area
within the range of the camera for motion detection rule
For example, the entire surface at one meter from the ground
If you have pets like dogs or cats. The camera will
In this case, no motion to pass when
Your pet walks past the camera.

Can I store images taken with an IP camera?
Yes this is possible. You can store images on the computer where it
You are viewing the images. You can also use a NAS (Network Attached Storage)
purchase, this is a hard drive with an Internet connection that you
can plug in your (home) network. If you at our
"Storage of camera images" look you see what we can deliver
this area of ??service to you if you want self-images
For example, save later viewing.

Sends an IP camera sounds along with the images which
I can listen to?
Yes, supplied by us to send both video cameras
as the sound of the room in which they are drawn.

Do I need special software to view the camera images?
No, images can be via any browser through the
IP address or DNS name geven.U only software
camere the set from your local network. This software
is of course included with the camera.

Nice summary, but I have more questions about IP camera ...
If you have any further questions you can make them using the contact form.
We are at all times ready to answer your questions.

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