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Frequently Asked Questions.
To resolve these issues as correct.

Does the camera on a Mac?
Yes, our cameras to work on a Mac, Part 2 of the
manual / quick installation guide covers the use of MAC.
Furthermore, the included software on CD-ROM version of a MAC
IP Camera Tool available. Note that sound (yet) standard
supported in MAC environment (sound works only on IE yet).

My camera images are white / overexposed.
This is easily solved by the setting in the UI
on "outdoor" set instead of "50 or 60HZ"

My camera does work internally but not accessible from outside my network.
Make sure your camera from outside (WAN) can be approached. This is the next necessary:

- point the camera at an internal ip address. Click here for an example
- ensure that applications or remote port forwarding in the router settings are set correctly.
Click here for a screenshot
- log in using your external (ISP) IP through
http://''your externe-ip'':port. This external IP address of your.

NOTE: Some ISPs do not allow their own from the network login
to the external IP-address. Always try if the camera is accessible via PC outside
the network or 3G connection on your mobile. Later, an account will be Dyndns
set to this "problem" to solve. Although there are cases where
Also this domain name is blocked.

* If you have problems with setup, we help you after your purchase on our website like

free for your camera to get working (note: we do not guarantee a working situation
In all cases, sometimes equipment is not compatible. However, in practice it is
number of cameras is not what we had been working very minimal).

I receive emails with illegible motion reported
This problem can be caused by assigning an
long 'alias' of the camera. Use the alias name of a
up to 14 characters. After choosing a
different alias the problem is solved.

How many users can simultaneously log?
Up to 10 users simultaneously log.

Internet Explorer is supported 9?
Yes, all versions of IE support.

Can I use the camera images on my smartphone, iPhone or tablet view?
- this camera is excellent for viewing on both iPhone and iPhone with the app Livecams Pro,
click here for more info. PTZ and zoom function is also fully supported by this app.

- app for Android devices, the IP Cam Viewer

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