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Our cameras
Our cameras have
software in the camera.
You never have a PC
to leave.
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For support, please to us.
Setting the camera.
Or even how you can do.
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Hosting at very low prices.
Package from 500 MB.
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Cameras Demo

You can see live images directly via the link.
An outdoor camera and a camera inside.
Use to login.
username all
Password all123456789

The brouwser under Internet Explorer allows active X.
If that gives problems do the following.
- Date of your PC up to date 30/04/2012
- Active X install
- Date back well put

Outside Camera: click here

Within Kamera: click here

intro movie

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Why a camera
Nowadays it is not against business
that we protect our stuff.
Therefore we search for a
cheap and good solution for you
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Learn all about our system.
We offer our knowledge to
to help you.
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